[Reliable_computing] FW: ESREL 2018: Call for abstracts

Kreinovich, Vladik vladik at utep.edu
Thu Aug 31 10:11:51 CDT 2017

FYI, papers using interval techniques are welcome, see area M14, 
Uncertainty Analysis

*From:*ESREL 2018 [mailto:no-reply at videre.ntnu.no]
*Sent:* Wednesday, August 30, 2017 5:09 AM
*Subject:* ESREL 2018: Call for abstracts

*Dear Colleague*
The ESREL2018 presentation portal is now open for submission of 
abstracts for this conference in Trondheim, Norway, 17–21 June 2018. 
We hope you will be willing to contribute in building scientific 
knowledge and strong networks in the area of safety and reliability.

The deadlines are as follows:

Abstract deadline:                  1. October 2017
Abstract approval:                  15. October 2017
Full paper deadline:               15. December 2017
Comments from reviewers:    1. February 2018
Final paper:                            15. February 2018

Guidelines and submission

Conference theme:
"Safe Societies in a Changing World"

Methodology and application areas relevant for the conference:

Methodology Areas:

M01. Accident and Incident Modeling

M02. Economic Analysis in Risk Management 

M03. Organizational Factors and Safety Culture 

M04. Human Factors and Human Reliability 

M05.  Maintenance Modeling and Applications 

M06. Mathematical Methods in 
Reliability and Safety 

M07. Prognostics and System Health Management 

M08. Resilience Engineering 

M09. Risk Assessment 

M10. Risk Management 

M11. Simulation for Safety and Reliability Analysis 

M12. Structural 

M13. System Reliability 

M14. Uncertainty Analysis 

M15.  Dynamic Risk and Barrier Management 

M16. Natural Hazards 

M17.  Occupational Safety 

M18. Security 

M19. Digitalization and Big Data 

M20. Foundation of risk and reliability assessment and management 

Economic analysis in risk management

Application Areas:

 T01. Aeronautics and Aerospace
 T02. Chemical Process Industry
T03. Civil Engineering/Construction
T04. Critical Infrastructures
T05. Energy
T06. Information Technology and Telecommunication T07. Land 
Transportation T08. Manufacturing T09. Maritime and Aquaculture T10. 
Nuclear Industry T11. Oil and Gas Industry T12. Software Systems T13. 
Cyber Physical Systems T14. Other Areas


17 - 21 June 2017


Realfagbygget, NTNU
Trondheim, Norway

You may also note the time and venue of ESREL2019 
22 - 26 September 2019, Hannover, Germany.

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