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FYI, interval methods have been applied for processing measurements in sutuations when we only have bounds on the measurement error, relevant paper are very welcome for this section.

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Dear Colleague,

the IMEKO TC21 Committee "Mathematical Tools for Measurements" will participate and have scientific sessions at the XXII IMEKO World Congress 2018, 2-7 September, Belfast, North Ireland, an important world event that is held every three years (<https://www.imeko.org/index.php/homepage/coming-events>https://www.imeko.org/index.php/homepage/coming-events)

You are now invited to submit 4-pages short papers to the IMEKO Congress, specifying that they are intended for TC21 sessions until January 31, 2018, in one of the areas of interest of TC21 in the field of measurement, namely metrology and testing (<http://joomla.imeko.org/index.php/organization/committees/185-tc21>http://joomla.imeko.org/index.php/organization/committees/185-tc21), which are the following:

Fundamentals in metrology and testing;
Uncertainty and inference in measurement ; Statistics (probabilistic and non-probabilistic) for metrology and testing; Advanced tools for soft metrology;
Precision evaluation in non-quantitative measurements; Inter-laboratory comparisons (including MRA issues in metrology); Mathematical modeling and inverse problems; Computational science;
Measurement software development and validation; Measurement applications (industrial, ...); Soft tools for instrumentation and data acquisition; Dynamic measurements;
Inconsistencies in guidelines and prescriptive documents (including GUM, ISO 3534, VIM, etc...).

This time TC21 is also happy to announce that an agreement has been reached with IMEKO TC7 for a Special Session on alternative approaches to probabilities, including "imprecise probability", "alternative probability approach", "evidence theory", "possibility theory". You are encouraged to submit presentations concerning these subject matters

Other TC21 Sessions or Round Tables may be held in collaboration with other IMEKO TCs, based on your submissions or organized specifically.

More precise notice in this respect will be provided later. You should visit the Congress website

for information about IMEKO Congress, abstract submission and general information.

Hoping to get your interest and to receive your abstract submissions (in CC to me),

I remain
sincerely yours

Franco Pavese
IMEKO TC21, Chair

Dr. Franco Pavese
Senior Scientist

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