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Sorry for the confusion, the correct deadline for submissions is April 15. Thanks to those who noticed.

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Subject: Coprod'2018: suggestion

Dear Friends,

As you know, on September 10, 2018, right before SCAN'2018, we are organizing an 11th International Workshop on Constraint Programming and Decision Making CoProd'2018<http://coprod.constraintsolving.com/>, Tokyo, Japan

Deadline for submissions is March 15.

In addition to new results that will be published in the proceedings of the conference, we decided to also follow an example of many conferences and give the opportunity to also present results which are already published or are accepted to be published. This will give an opportunity for the authors to spread the word about their new and interesting results to the multi-disciplinary participants of CoProd.

We realize that for the major conferences that advertise this option,  there is downside of needing to pay a registration fee which, for many conference, can be substantial. However, the registration fee for CoProd is usually very small - just to cover the coffee breaks, so this should not be a problem.

Please follow the CoProd website instructions to submit your papers!

See you iin Tokyo.

Martine and Vladik
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