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One of the main applications of interval computations is taking care of measurement uncertainty -- in situations when all we know about the measurement error is its upper bound D and thus, all we know about the actual (unknown) value x of the measured quantity is that x is in the interval [X-D,X+D], where X is the measurement result. From this viewpoint, this forthcoming conference may be of interest to many of us.

Reminder: SCAN'2020 will be in Szeged, Hungary, September 7-11, 2020

it will be preceded by two affiliated workshops: in Szeged:

by a (usually small) CoProd (constraint programming and decision making) on September 6

 and by a large-scale Workshop on Global Optimization on September 1-4.

This major measurement-related conference will be on September 15-17, almost back-to-back with SCAN'2020 (and reasonably close to Hungary)

More details about all these conferences will be available in September 2019.

From: Alistair Forbes <alistair.forbes at npl.co.uk>
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Subject: AMCTM 2020 - Preliminary Announcement

[Apologies for multiple posts]

Dear colleague

We have great pleasure in sending you a preliminary announcement of the next conference in the AMCTM conference series, co-organised by IMEKO TC 21, Mathematical Tools for Measurements.

We hope to welcome you to Sarajevo in September 2020.

With best wishes

Franco Pavese, IMEKO TC 21
Alistair Forbes, IMEKO TC 21 Scientific Secretary

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Preliminary Announcement: Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing XII
15 - 17 September, 2020
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is the 12th conference in the AMCTM series. Eleven volumes on "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing" have been published by World Scientific<http://npl.msgfocus.com/c/1XAxeNfuFdEeO> based on the conference presentations. An index of the volume contents can be found here.<http://npl.msgfocus.com/c/1XAADfafUrtyD>

Conference chairpersons: Alistair B. Forbes (IMEKO TC21, NPL, UK), Franco Pavese (IMEKO TC21, Italy), Nien-Fan Zhang (IMEKO TC21, NIST, USA), Alen Bosnjakovic (IMBiH), Zijad Dzemic (IMBiH)

Conference themes:

  *   Advanced statistical modelling and methods: uncertainty evaluation, experimental design, optimisation, data analysis and applications, risk assessment
  *   Metrology and Testing software: engineering aspects, requirements specification; software development, software examination, software tools for data analysis, visualisation, experiment control; best practice; standards
  *   Numerical methods: numerical data analysis, numerical simulations, inverse problems, uncertainty evaluation of numerical algorithms, applications to metrology and testing
  *   Data fusion techniques and Design and analysis of inter-laboratory comparisons, namely those required by the Mutual Recognition Agreement and in the Testing frame
It is anticipated that the conference will include Special Sessions and a Round Table discussion. For further information, please contact Alistair Forbes<mailto:alistair.forbes at npl.co.uk> or Franco Pavese<mailto:frpavese at gmail.com>.

International Scientific Programme Committee is under construction and will be published in the First Announcement and Call of Papers in September 2019.

Venue:                                        Contact:
Hotel Hills<http://npl.msgfocus.com/c/1XAHq8ZMoT8ch>                                    Institute of Metrology of Bosina and Herzegovina<http://npl.msgfocus.com/c/1XAKOAUxE6Xw6>
Butmirska cesta 18                     Augusta Brauna 2, 71000 Sarajevo
18, Ilidza 71210                          Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Heregovina              Tel: +38733568901

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