[Reliable_computing] [BULK] Re: sinc function for intervals

Brian Kennedy BrianK at TargetedConvergence.com
Sun Jul 7 18:24:31 CDT 2019

Have no idea why I typed cos(x) in this quick add-on to my note… its a Sunday, I guess…
I meant ’sin(x)’ everywhere I said ‘cos(x)’.  Sheesh.

> On Jul 7, 2019, at 6:08 PM, Brian Kennedy <BrianK at targetedconvergence.com> wrote:
> Final note:  if you’ve already implemented interval cos(x) in Frink, I’d think you could borrow
> some of the same logic for sinc(x)… same peaks and valleys except for near 0 ([-pi/2, pi/2])… 
> on top of that you need to add on evaluation of the peaks closest to zero (except for 0, which 
> you know is 1… more like cos(x)).  If that’s not so, I’d be curious why.

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